Keeping up the heritage

At Vuollé Watches, every timepiece is hand finished and assembled by professional watchmakers. Our atelier is located in Finland’s third biggest city, Tampere. In the old spinning mill of Klingendahl, at atelier Vuollé, our watchmakers treat every watch with care and precision. In the city of Tampere, rich in history as an industrial centre, Vuollé Watches keeps up the work of the artisanal industry.


Vuollé Watches is a Finnish company founded in 2023 with a captivating backstory that traces its roots back to 2022. Steered by two passionate Finnish watchmakers, the company exudes elegance and simplicity, forging a unique identity.

The tale unfolded in the heart of Tampere, where these young watchmakers were brought together as a colleagues in their previous company . As they mulled over the nuances of the watch industry, a captivating idea took shape: crafting their own timepieces.

“Our vision is to someday manufacture all the components in-house, right here in Finland. Until then, our unwavering focus lies in offering impeccable price-quality ratio, ensuring the utmost satisfaction of our customers. We aspire to continuously evolve within the watch industry, taking our company towards an even more splendid future. Count on us to unveil a series of mesmerizing watch designs while upholding the pinnacle of quality.”

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